Friday, September 5, 2014


I'm full blown ready to embrace this next season. Hot summers are not the same when you're confined to an office and miss out on lake trips, poolside tan time, and day drinks. I did the best I could to enjoy all summer had to offer … concerts, Euro trip, Vegas, new apartment with the fiancĂ©, family time, lots of friends dates, and of course getting engaged!

NOW - we can migrate into the start of the best time of the year! Everyone is obsessing over the availability of pumpkin everything and I'm over here waiting to wear boots and leggings. I busted out the fall scented candles and whipped up a little fall themed wreath for our new place. I saw this wreath here and thought it would look perfect!

I headed over to Michaels and picked up a wreath form, dug out my hot glue, selected a glittery {yet masculine} ribbon and pulled some paper bags out from under the sink. I thought this would be a quick little project - ummmm no. If you are an instant gratification person like me you may want to rethink this cute option! Cutting the paper bags was quick and easy {I only needed about one and a half because I choose the smaller wreath form} but the twisting and attaching was a pain in the booty. About half way through I found some pins and used that rather than the hot glue. It was so much faster… until those ran out and it was back to the glue gun. 

I couldn't get the bow to lay nicely without getting more glitter on the floor {sorry Kyle} so I had to fashion one out of smaller pieces and glue them together. I choose to use the paper bag handle and a command hook to hang the wreath on our front door. 

Here are some progress and finish product photos: 


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