Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Birth Plan

I've been pushing this off for a while now, but there is no time like the present - especially since I spend most of my day with my puffy feet elevated on the couch. WHO knew there were so many details to iron out before the exciting/stressful labor trip to the hospital?!

::Praise hands:: Kaiser allows its users to complete pre-admit forms and get that pesky co-pay out of the way... so check.

Next- the perfect birth plan that may or may not be referenced or used, but it makes us first-time mamas feel like we have a bit of control over a situation we clearly have no control over. Thank the good Lord He promises in 2 Thessalonians 3:3 that "the Lord is faithful, and He will strengthen you and protect you from the evil one." In this case the evil one will be labor pains and fear of the birthing unknown.

Like any millennial, I conducted through research through my pregnancy tracking app and Pinterest. I compiled my favorite questions and those that hadn't even crossed my mind into a document and started there. One of the best resources I found came from The Bump. {Not only questions/sections BUT the answers too!} Bonus note: Mama's! Include your partner in these plans. This is a great way to keep them connected, informed, and better prepared to be the enforcer on D-day.

The most important part of the birth plan {so I've read/been told} is to educate yourself on what can happen and be aware of what possible options are. Some great advice I received, non-pregnancy related, but works here too, is to be stern about your goals yet flexible about your path. This goes for the birth plan as well. Know what your preferences are, but go with the flow on how to get there. At the end of it all we'll have healthy, happy babies snuggled up in our arms thinking knowing we've never seen anything more beautiful or perfect in all our lives.

A few helpful resources just for you!

Helpful and with pictures :)
This too

Next up... packing the hospital bag.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Impatiently Waiting for our Little One

The past 260 days have been some sort of concoction filled with joy, bliss, pain, realizations, stretching, discomfort, joy, pain... but mostly acceptance and gratitude for a wonderful blessing from above.

It's not lost on me, and many prayers have been said, that Hubby and I are experiencing one of the greatest gifts of our life. Our happy little family of two will soon stretch to three. With the joy and wonder comes stress and comparison. What will Baby G be like? Will we be good parents? God, are you sure we can handle this? How exactly will our marriage change? What if I never fit back into my pre-prego jeans? How am I going to react to all the advice and "suggestions"?

I spent most of my pregnancy on Cloud 9 enjoying the heck out of this journey. I LOVED the cute little bump, Hubby teasing me for my food cravings, foot rubs, all the questions, and daydreaming about what was to come. THEN... ish got real.

The foot rubs became a daily necessity because my feet are so swollen it hurts to walk or put pressure of any kind on them. Sweet Baby G gifted me with pregnancy induced Carpal Tunnel {still looking for the joy in this one}. Hubby now has to help me put clothes on because my hands and wrists are too weak and my balance is laughable. Speaking of clothes - this baby bump is no longer the cute little basketball it once was. Now that I spend most of my time at home, impatiently waiting for our Little One, my choice outfits consist of granny panties and Hubby's t-shirts {just doing what I can to keep that newlywed spark alive}. My pseudo-nirvana is Epsom Salt baths and just before the depths of hell is a place where I have to try and get my 9 + month pregnant body out of the tub without breaking someone or something. All while keeping a smile on my face and stress and frustration tears at bay. :::so many sighs:::

--Back to the good--

Over the weekend we took some maternity photos at a local park to remember these good times {poor Hubby just came off an overnight shift, but sucked it up for me}. Here are those wonderful memories we'll have to look back on forever and ever. If you look close enough you'll see my beautiful cankles and puffy hands. :) Joy!