Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to Playing Catch Up

Whew - Vegas. :)  Back to fun times that kicked off summer. In a nutshell ...

Eric's Birthday in Pasadena


Handmade birthday cards are the best! Esp with thumbprints 

Birthday boy and his gorgeous lady!

Sister Secrets - SnapChat'ing Tim McGraw lyrics all night

Happy Birthday Eric!

Brett Eldredge Concert @ The Brandin' Iron

 Oh boy - this was another concert for the books. Well - I'd like to formally say weekday concerts with a career are hard. 

Perhaps my biggest fan? Fireball back to back

 I have a crush 

Don't Ya?!

Angels Games, Dodgers Games, Volleyball Games


Fashion Club
Tanya, Leanne, and I have formed Fashion Club with Matching Mondays. The best way to look forward to Monday is focusing on your outfit. :)

Maxi Dresses
 Florals and Stripes
 Animal Print

I'm sure many other fun things have happened during the dark time - but the pool is calling my name and I can't keep it waiting any longer ;)

Happy Weekend Ya'll 


Girls in Vegas

We went wild for the night...

Typing the title for this post brought a smile to my face. :) For the past several years my girlfriends and I have ventured out to the city of sin for our annual girls trip. This anticipated weekend has produced some of the best memories and photos in my room. I know you're not supposed to bring Vegas back with you so I'll be brief and vague. 

Here is a photo accompanied timeline of how the weekend went:

Jenna and Allison stop by our favorite Mexican restaurant for a Cadillac Marg before heading to the airport

After being dropped off at the airport we found the bar nearest our gate and made some friends

We boarded the plan and ordered round 4 {doubles for our team of 2}

After given less than 10 minutes to finish our drinks we became close buddies with our companion in row 21. Allison was also given 2 bags of peanuts after vocalizing how nice it would be to have some peanuts right about now

Finally - we made it to the hotel to meet up with Chrissy and Maritza. Our game of catch up on the airplane launched us onto a leveled playing field

We headed to The Light and with the help of my best Vegas friend were escorted past the lines right into the club - stack of free drink tickets in hand

Instantly invited to a table with bottle service we made ourselves comfortable

...Yes it does...

Day two we went to Daylight. Everyone was feeling a little worn from the night before - but our allotted time in Vegas was running out. Time to saddle up...

After retiring back to the room for quick naps and recaps of the day we unloaded our bags and stacked our tickets. {We handed out as many tickets as we could - these were left over}

Night 2: Some were coerced into joining in the festivities but we all made it to XS. I didn't realize this was the night version of my favorite pool party, Encore Beach

After a cocktail and a couple dances on the crowded dance floor our group split and the 'just a couple drinks and a dance or two' kinda night catapulted into a 'breakfast at 4 a.m.' kinda night

Suckers for accents - we wound up on the balcony, best seat in the house

Our new, fun friends made the night <3

After heading back to the hotel for breakfast at 4 a.m. Allison and I quickly packed our bags and got comfy on the couch to wait for 7 a.m. to roll around. Then we headed to the airport. Sunnies and last nights makeup was the best I could do: no drinks on the flight home either. We were greeted by Duke so happy for mom to be home he just had to take a nap!

Back in bed by 9:45 a.m. 

...after reminiscing about this trip I still have a smile on my face. I'm tempted to plan another one before summer comes to an end. For being a self proclaimed Vegas Snob this was so much fun! How was that for little to no details?! ;)