Thursday, July 18, 2013

Sparks Fly on the 4th of July!

Such a cliched title but it felt appropriate...

I spent the day with one of my very best friends Miss April and her hubby-to-be Mr. Belvedere. This day was one for the books! None of the plans we made happened but it couldn't have turned out any better if we tried.

Part 1
BBQ Pool Party

Part 2
Tavern Bar

Tan Time - Homemade Slip 'n' Slide - Freeway Fireworks - Country Music - Empty Dive Bar - Bartender Friends - Full Length Mirrors on a Bad Day - Karaoke Serenade - Chips and Salsa Snack Time - Martini Contest Judges - Fireball for Days - Im Feelin' 22 - Tetanus Shots - $4 Cab Ride Home - Uncontrollable Laughter - Backup Dancers - Always a Good Night When You Sit on My Right - Sparks!

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