Thursday, November 5, 2015

Current Obsession and Last Nights Dinner

Is it appropriate to say 'Season's Greetings' yet? Because I really want to!

I can't tell you enough how much I'm loving this mini-fall. I'm currently adorned in leggings, plaid, boots, and couldn't be happier. Last night the hubs and I slept with the windows open and down comforter tucked in tight. It's the little things. :)

Lately we've been go-go-go and life has seemed like a blur. We're trying to take advantage of alone time at home before the holiday season is fully upon us and we're racking up those miles making memories with the fam's. Our chosen method of post-work relaxation: Friday Night Lights, Netflix binger-style. 

Oh how I crave coming home from work, whipping up dinner, and snuggling up with my hubby on the couch to see what Tami Taylor is going to do tonight. <3

Last night I had a Pin-Win for dinner! I thank the Good Lord often for the similar palates and food cravings Kyle and I have. It may or may not be true we had Mexican food for six days straight, multiple times a day. I found this gem and pinned for a rainy day. Last night was that pseudo-rainy day. Super easy one pot meals {which leave more time to love/hate Riggins} have quickly become a family favorite.

I didn't take photos, because well, I was hungry and Coach Taylor was waiting. I assure you, this meal is super simple and looks beautiful. :) PLUS Jamielyn is a much better photographer than I...
One pot burrito bowls recipe ...YUM! Done in 30 minutes, perfect for busy nights!

Please, please try it! You'll love it. I'm sure this will be gracing our weekly dinner menu. It's super easy to throw in your favorite things too, Emeril-style BAM!

Enjoy! And rain, I hope you come back soon. I love my new windshield wipers {thanks husband}!