Wednesday, December 10, 2014

4 Tips to Find Time for God

I have been doing an awful job lately of making time to get in my bible everyday. I have wonderful intentions of creating the perfect bible study each morning when I get out of bed... and then the alarm goes off and my plans are shot.

I chalk it up to laziness and lack of a plan. I have all the tools I need: books, bibles, devotionals, music, a prayer list, motivation - but I'm big time lacking follow through.


Our church begin a daily Advent devotional through the YouVersion bible app. It includes readings each day leading up to Christmas. Obviously I'm a little late - but I'm the queen of catching up {and getting burnt out}.

So in an effort to shape up before my new years resolution life resolution begins... here are a couple tips that help me get back in the bible swing when life starts to compete:

1. Find a comfy spot and make it your own. 
I bounce between two different places in the apartment; the dining room table and the double snuggle {appropriately named for the best cuddle couch ever}. I bring my favorite cozy blanket, candles, hot tea; whatever you want to help you look forward to getting lost in your special space.

2. Make a plan not to have a plan.
Spending time with God should be organic. Don't force it or make it pragmatic. Sit in His presence and soak Him up. If you feel like reading, read. If you feel like praying, pray. If you want to listen to some worship music, sing your heart out. If you feel like listening to God, be quiet. If you keep Him at the center of your mind and are intentional with your time, He'll move you toward how He wants to connect with you.

3. Don't compare your time with God to anyone else's experience.
Don't watch the clock and think you need to spend 1 hour every day sitting in your special spot waiting for miracles to happen or expect to read an entire book of the bible in one sitting. Sometimes those things will happen. Sometimes they won't. Don't compare what your quiet time with God looks like to mine {or anyone else's; FB and Insta can be the worst}.

4. Try to keep distractions at bay.
My mind wonders so easily it's not even funny. It seems like when I'm trying to concentrate {God's Word or otherwise} there are even more things competing for my attention. Turn the TV off. Ask your family for a little alone time. Put your cellphone in another room. Bring out the bible book; not scrolling on your phone. When I'm chatting with God I want His undivided attention; the least I can do is try to give Him mine.

These are some of the things that help me focus and dig into my devotional time with God. NOW - time to get consistent with it. I hope some of these help you to get the most out of your time with God. <3

Good luck to you and wish me luck too!