Friday, August 30, 2013

Work Fun

If you've been following my blog you should know how in-love I am with my job. The job, the place, the people, the events - it's all such a blessing.

We recently finished Parent Orientation where the students come to campus and move into their dorms and parents get a chance to say their fairwell's until the holidays roll around. We worked so hard and the event turned out to be such a wonderful, memorable experience. Yay!

Here are some quick pics from the event:

Dabbling in graphic design

Event morning

2 peas in our pod

Our amazing team <3

The Kace Fun Race

I debated posting about this - but in order to fulfill my 'Yes Woman' summer here it is!

The Kace Fun Race to 26 was one hell of a birthday party. Kacie, Chrissy, and I {over wine, of course} brainstormed how to maximize a birthday bar crawl. Reunited, we were reminded of our crazy college days together and started the ever-typical reminiscing process which lead us to a little game we liked to call 'Souvenir' {details are sworn to the grave}... the next logical thing to do was create a scavenger hunt. 

Fast forward to the Kace Fun Race weekend. With our laminated, divided into teams, scavenger hunt lists we set out for Main Street in Huntington Beach. Fireball whispered temptation into my ear so it's behind covered eyes I'm sharing these pictures - that and it was WAY too much fun not to talk about.

Each team was broken into colors and picked at random to avoid a last-picked-for-Red-Rover type situation {special thanks to Twistband & Whitney for keeping us from having to play shirts v. skins} and set off with sharpie in hand to tackle their lists. The team captains determined the best way to prove/document the game was to create a group text and photos from each accomplished line item had to be sent {holy heck that was comical to review the next morning}.

Here are some of the pictures from Team Orange:

Hit list

Birthday girl!

Love Kace <3

Lovely ladies

Twistband team colors

Abnormal facial hair


Fun friends

Twistband reppin'

Tat of someone's name

Picture with a bouncer


Syringe shots for the group

Similar to our actual vision at this point

Kisses for the fishes

D-punch bowl

Group shot with a stranger

J - J -K

Ran into a college buddy - bonus

Best magic tricks of our lives

Find a designated driver

Have a snack

Go for a dip in the ocean

Find someone with a ticket

Find someone wearing croc's

3 wisemen shot

Guest DJ

The group dwindled after 2:30

We had so much fun - I highly recommend everyone to do this with their fun friends.

Happy Birthday Kacie! 27 is going to be tough to top <3

Monday, August 12, 2013


GoFest - 1
NoFest - 2

My record for actually attending GoFest isn't looking so good. I've been knocked on my ass thanks to the strongest cold I've caught in quite a while! I've been out of work for 1.5 days and it's driving me nuts already! {I miss working}

This weekend I made it to the GoFest tailgate with my favorite tailgate crew. Quite a different experience sober, but still fun. Country music, homemade bars, and friends are a great way to spend the day - even when you have no voice or energy. Eye candy was in full force <3

Unfortunately, staying for the afternoon took more out of me than I had to offer so I wound up selling my tickets and heading home early. I've basically been in bed ever since... with the exception of trying to go to work today... that only lasted 4 hours. Now back to feeding my Chicago Fire obsession; 19 Hulu episodes in one day is my record. I'm proud and ashamed. 

Here are some pictures from the concert {I'm hoping to be back to 100% for Brad Paisley in 2 weeks}

and these just because they make me happy - and feel better - and I feel like they are my friends while I'm home sick ;)
Thanks Google Images: