Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Eve

Halloween night! My first Halloween living on my own and I couldn't be more excited for some trick or treaters. I did my best to draw a little attention to my hidden apartment. Hopefully the outcome is favorable.

I dressed up a tad for work. I was Little Red Riding Hood.
For evening I took a crack at some day of the dead face painting.
Not too bad for some party city face paint and a sponge applicator.

I hope everyone has a happy and safe Halloween!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Perfection

Hello Everyone!

I threw a pumpkin carving party this year for Halloween! It was so much fun. I love creating festive touches during the holidays and I thought hosting a carving party would be a great way to decorate my apartment and spend some time with my friends. I enlisted the help of one of my favorite uncles, Joe! He is the mastermind/ executioner behind my party planning.

There were so many little details that made the entire evening a complete success. Planning a party while juggling a full time job is not the easiest of tasks. I wouldn't have been able to pull everything together without Uncle Joe. So a gigantic THANK YOU is necessary.

We started with the entryway. The lighting was distorted with aluminum foil and the spider egg sacks (gross!!) were made from Epson Salt filled balloons in stalkings (with a glow stick to illuminate the spiders). They were wrapped in spider webbing and hung with tiny nails from the ceiling. Spider webbing was draped from the walls with lots of spiders! [It still freaks me out]. We added in a little something special... the large spider in front of the door is harnessed to a string that pulls open when the door is opened so my guests were greeted with a scampering spider up the door. (pictures below!)

Walking into the living room you're not quite sure where to look first. Along the crown molding is a boarder of black and orange crepe paper, bats, and balloons. Along the walls is a black crepe paper fence with a watchful crow and more bats! Those were fun to cut out- I was inspired by these bats on Paper Crave.

In the windows you'll see 'traveling ghosts' inspired by Disneyland's Haunted Mansion. We used white balloons, drew scary faces, and put glow sticks inside before blowing them up. We hung plastic drop plastic with painters tape and sprayed green glow in the dark paint to be picked up by the black light bulbs.

Over the television hung the ghastly ghost to ensure fright and fun were taking place during the party. In front of the ghost was a table covered in painters drop plastic to keep pumpkin guts from getting everywhere! (We put plastic on the floor too, which made for easy clean up). I created basic center pieces from tall vases filled with glow bracelets for the guests and vampire fangs. Pumpkin carving kits, templates, and goodie bags filled with candy held places for each of my guests.

The food table was quite a spread! Name tags for each of the dishes with fun names informed guests what they were eating. We had Cranium Cheese in the shape of a brain, Witch Digits with almond finger nails, Moldy Mustard, Weiner Worms, Hobgoblin Eggs, Cemetery Crudite, and Devils' Eggs with red food coloring veins to name a few. I also applied some stickers to cover the real bottle labels with more fun Halloween inspired names.

The last surprise for my guests was in the bathroom. A white cloth was hung over the shower curtain with bloody handprints and slashes through the material. The mirror had bloody handprints and splatters, and a message in blood (red paint) explaining the need for carnage.  Red lights and a knife on the counter completed the horror movie scene.

Here are some pictures of the party. I had so much fun putting everything together (with lots and lots of help!) and seeing the looks on my friends faces during the evening.

Food Spread

Batty Behavior

Watchful Crow

Ghost Faces

Pinterest Creation. Click here to learn how

Allison and the Spider Cider (or Captain Morgan)

Lovely ladies

Ghastly Ghost overlooking the carving table


Spider egg sacks. I forgot to take pictures at night but just as creepy in the day.

My Snow White Pumpkin

Thank you to everyone who helped and everyone who attended. 

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Weekday Fashion Fun

Hello everyone!

This week I attended an AMAZING night out with my girlfriends! We went to the Ontario Mills’ second annual Celebrating Women Runway Event sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Ontario. Allison, Tanya, and I received VIP tickets from work - dressed in our party outfits - and hit the mall! [Always a sunny side after a long day at the office. :)]

After walking into the VIP tent (The event planner in me will highlight some of my favorite pieces of decor soon enough) we went straight to the complimentary wine bar and made ourselves quite at home. Various models of Mercedes Benz’ adorned the entrance to the pre-party area while the DJ and stationary models guarded the runway entrance. The outdoor event was gorgeous! 

After taking the mandatory lap to check out the scenery we found a nice little spot sandwiched between the industrial sized fan  (99* in October WTH?!!) and the bar. 

Once the time allotted for appetizers and drinks (compliments of Market Broiler) was complete we made our way to the open-air catwalk and found our seats. The event was open to the public (standing room only outside the velvet ropes) but those with VIP status found chairs with treats awaiting their arrival. Super deluxe caramel apples from RockyMountain Chocolate Factory and a massive coupon book (with special deals from stores within the Ontario Mills) kept our seats warm. 

Please forgive my out-of-focused iPhone pictures :) The host, Giuliana Rancic, whom I ADORE was amazing! She is truly the epitome of style and grace. She is such a wonderful role model in a world of celebrities with such influence.  (This write up is actually being written while ‘Giuliana and Bill’ is on in the background) The outfits were great! And all pieces you can purchase at the Ontario Mills. The show had a great vibe and the hours and hours of preparation were evident.

After the show was over Allison, Tanya, and I made our way back through the pre-party tent for a mini photo opp.

We had such a great time!

Getting ready at work

loved the backlighting!

 Allison, me, and Tanya

Giuliana Rancic

The striped background was a great contrast against the white tent

LOVED these illuminated tables

Tanya gettin her photog on

If you would like more information on this event please click here.