Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sister Cousins

My sister and I grew up very closely with two of our many cousins. We played together constantly, went to school together, and partook in after school activities. We became the best of friends over the years. Brittney and Katie are currently spending their days in Northern California, but we had a quick impromptu visit on Tuesday. 

Just like the good ole days gathered around the living room at grandma's house everyone shared stories about what they had going on. We like to call these 'Emotional Updates' (It stems from family vacation days where a venting session is needed but it's your family so you have to stay censored). I am so glad we got to spend some time together. Everyone has such busy lives but it's so important to find time to spend with the people who matter most to you.

Brittney, Katie, Chrissy, and I have had so many fun memories it's almost impossible to keep track. The bond we've developed goes beyond finishing each others sentences and knowing the meaning behind a telling look. Our conversations consist of laughing to tears and bursting into song and dance at any given moment. I truely hope everyone gets to experience a relationship or two like this.

Here are some pictures over the years of me and my sister cousins:

Some may say we were breed to take pictures. We tend to go a little overboard so I picked just a few of the recent times we've spent together recently and any other fun ones I could find buried on my Facebook page. Downer of a newer computer - missing the old embarrassing pictures!

Thanksgiving at Grandma's house

My belated birthday cake

Toby Keith concert

Life vest Love

Brittney's Wedding
Sonoma, CA

Siriani Sassic

Carrie Underwood Concert

Visiting Brittney 
Sonoma, CA

Day Boat Trip

Country Concert Fun

Brittney's Bachelorette Party 
Palm Springs, CA

Brittney Bachelorette Party 
Palm Springs, CA

Line Dancing

Post Pool Party 
Palm Springs, CA

Our best Downton Abbey look

Yet Another Country Concert 

Christmas with Grandma <3

Lake Ladies sounds much nicer than River Rats
Laughlin, NV

Brittney's Bridal Shower

Brittney's Rehearsal
Sonoma, CA

The Line Up
Pine Mountain

Miss that bod
Lake DP


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