Friday, August 9, 2013

Summer Bummer

Being sick is such a summer bummer! I battled the past few days trying to kick a cold and much to my dismay, had to take the day off work to rest.

I hate being sick - although I would consider myself a pretty good sick person- limited complaining, self-sufficient , I only cried once... last night, around 10:45 p.m. after two doses of NyQuil refused to kick in. Somewhere in the middle of exhaustion and body ache sniffles I couldn't help but let out some half hearted sobs. They made me feel a little better.

I tried everything I could think of to get to sleep: browsing pinterest, making a sleepy time playlist, counting sheep, rhythmatically breathing, praying, reading my bible... nothing was working! So out of  frustration I sick whimpered into my uncharacteristically uncomfortable pillow.

I'm finally starting to feel better. I have/had so many fun things planned this weekend. Let's see what I'll be attending after hopefully a successful NyQuil induced slumber.

Natalie's Birthday celebration at Toby Ketih's

GoFest with my favorite tailgate crew

Work event in Laguna Beach
Grandma's 82nd & Auntie Leah's birthday dinners

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