Saturday, June 29, 2013

Back to Playing Catch Up

Whew - Vegas. :)  Back to fun times that kicked off summer. In a nutshell ...

Eric's Birthday in Pasadena


Handmade birthday cards are the best! Esp with thumbprints 

Birthday boy and his gorgeous lady!

Sister Secrets - SnapChat'ing Tim McGraw lyrics all night

Happy Birthday Eric!

Brett Eldredge Concert @ The Brandin' Iron

 Oh boy - this was another concert for the books. Well - I'd like to formally say weekday concerts with a career are hard. 

Perhaps my biggest fan? Fireball back to back

 I have a crush 

Don't Ya?!

Angels Games, Dodgers Games, Volleyball Games


Fashion Club
Tanya, Leanne, and I have formed Fashion Club with Matching Mondays. The best way to look forward to Monday is focusing on your outfit. :)

Maxi Dresses
 Florals and Stripes
 Animal Print

I'm sure many other fun things have happened during the dark time - but the pool is calling my name and I can't keep it waiting any longer ;)

Happy Weekend Ya'll 


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