Saturday, June 29, 2013

Playing Catch Up


It's been quite quiet on the blog front - my life has taken a massive turn and all the fun times and living in first heaven have distracted me from documenting. So - in an attempt to create new content without one hundred new posts I'll try to consolidate as best I can. 

First things first ... NEW JOB!

This may be the most exciting part of my mini blogging sabbatical. I'm now part of the Pitzer College family. I can not express how much this has positively impacted my life - just paradigm shifting all over the place. The environment in our office and on campus is so encouraging, welcoming, supportive, and all sorts of other good 'ing words. I love my team <3 Aside from all the hard work we put into the day we manage to incorporate talking clothes, shoes, crafts, parties, and my one true love - glitter. I am so blessed and make sure to thank God daily for bringing my life to this point. 

Next in a slightly chronological order...

{please excuse me while I consult with Facebook and Instagram to maintain accuracy ;)}

Great Gatsby Party
As some may know, if I could choose an era to obtain permanent residence it would be the 1920's. I have a deep love for the lifestyle, the fashion, and the glamour. I can rouge my knees with the best of them! When I heard the movie was being made I dusted off my book {or purchased on my kindle} beyond excited to re-read. I roared in my 26th birthday with the decade - which would have been put to shame by this party the Trifecta attended. Set inside a GORGEOUS home hid an underground gambling ring marked with poker tables and staff, multiple full bars, a band, a DJ, dance floor, party favors, ladies and gents dressed to the nines, an In n Out truck {allowed to fall outside the theme because who doesn't love In n Out after a night of cocktails?}, the list goes on and on.  

Tim McGraw Concert
Friends, food, drinks, and country music are the best way to spend a summer. This day was chalk full of all the aforementioned elements of a good time. Old friends and new friends gathered for the kick off of the Country Mega Ticket Concert series at Glen Helen {I refuse to call it San Manuel - so whatever}. This is, by far, my favorite one day concert venue. The pictures below will speak for themselves - it was such a great day followed by a great hangover. Completely worth it but next time I'm reevaluating my day when presented with Fireball, Moonshine, jello shots, Vodka, and Capt'n Morgan - individually my favorite things - collectively not a recipe for success. I wouldn't have been surprised if I drank beer that night {which is a beyond rare occurrence}... 

The AMAZING bar Eric & Bobby built

boot shot glasses

Love these ladies!


My girls <3

Best Friends

Eric & Bobby

Siriani Sisters

✞ Amen ✞

The next event deserves it's own post... The Annual Girls Vegas Trip

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