Monday, August 4, 2014

Molto Bella

One of the most incredible trips of my adult life took place this summer. I took my sweet time going through these photos, but now they are ready for internet debut! 

I traveled to Italy with my mom, sister, and monkle Joe. We spent most of our time in Rome with a mini hiatus in Florence. We refused to jam pack our days full of tourist excursions and instead opted for a more local submersion. After some not so serious effort we began to experience la dolce vita. 

Rome was amazing, as usual - but Florence will forever hold a special place in my heart. Here are some photos from our journey. Until next time Italy…

The view from our apartment in Rome

Laduree <3

Our favorite spot

Piazza del Popolo

Florence street art

Ponte Vecchio 

Arno River

Boboli Gardens

Il Duomo

St John's Baptistery

Back in Rome

Spanish Steps

Piazza Navona

Vatican City

You are Peter

St. Peter

On top of St. John's tomb

Bridge of angels {each angel holds an element of the crucifixion}

Vatican City

Crown of thorns

Last dinner in Italy

Best sisters & best friends

all smiles before the traveling starts

those came in handy




frutta di gelato

caffe del nonno

Calabria - where my family is from

View from our hotel rooftop

Rooftop view

Gusta Pizza <3

Street art


Found a pet in our apartment

These got a little out of order toward the end. :) We saw so many beautiful things, ate so many delicious meals, and stumbled into so many incredible places. 

I can't wait to go back! <3 

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