Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Little Sister Love

This weekend my little sister turned 25! I feel like I was just 25. {Such a trip!} We've had multiple get togethers through out the weekend and will culminate the celebrations with her *C* Themed Birthday party on Saturday.

I love my sister to pieces! She is my best friend and don't think I could love her any more than I do. She's grown into such a beautiful and special woman. I'm so proud of her and  her heart. She loves the Lord first and everyone else follows as a close second. She's so kind and patient - and deserves a post just about her!

Here are some pictures from Chrissy's Birthday Parties...
{More to follow after the *C* Party}

 The Birthday Girl!

 Honey's <3

 Chrissy & Grandma

Chrissy & Dad

Sister Cousins {Missing Britty}

Boot Scootin'

The Jenna & Katie Show

Caught dippin' his lady

Love my little sister!!!

Let the celebrations begin!

Thumbs Up

More celebrating to come...

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