Saturday, February 9, 2013

Gettin' Down with Little Big Town

My goodness! I'm on the weekday fast track for the second week in a row. This past week was full of friends, fun, music, and amazing adventures. 

On Wednesday I left work early to save a place in line for the Little Big Town concert at Toby Keith's I love this Bar and Grill in Rancho Cucamonga. Standing in line and waiting for hours was absolutely worth it!

The past few line dancing lessons have been focused on the dance F5 {for the song Tornado by LBT}. There wasn't even close to space to dance on the standing room only dance floor but, Katie and I managed to bust out a few steps in our close quarters. 

Below are some fun pictures from the evening:

I can't wait for the next concert at TK's. So much fun, great personal venue, and walking distance from my house - what more can you ask for? 

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