Saturday, March 2, 2013

Hashtag Purple Palooza

Okay - so if you read my last blog post about Chrissy's birthday you've been waiting patiently for pictures from her 'C' party... I decided that deserved it's own post.

Chrissy's Quarter Century Celebration was quite the fiesta! I was so impressed with how many people came in costume and stayed within the theme. We had a wide variety of 'C' themed costumes. The decorations were AMAZING {Thanks to my crew: Uncle Joe, Katie, Jared, Mom, and Bella}. And most importantly the guest of honor looked stunning and had a blast! {I'm sure more pictures were taken but these were on my phone so apologies for quality & missing some friends}

Here are some pictures from the event {we took video too but that's saved for special occasions -like family gatherings }

The beautiful birthday girl!

 Prep Work


Crown the Princess // Candy Bar

Cruella Deville 

Chef // Cruella 

Cleopatra & Corona

Curious George & the Carpenter 

Beer Bottle Sandwich 

Catwoman // Cleopatra // Corona

Cauliflower // Chef

Champions & their number one fan

My cousins <3 {red eye problems}

Birthday Wishes for the Birthday Girl

Beer Babes

My and my little baby

Sister Friends

Cop // Criminal

My main squeeze Cupcake Queen

Costume Contest Winners
Confederate Craddick & Cruella Deville

Construction Worker Max 

Poppin Bottles

And a farewell from Bella Boo and Jared

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