Monday, March 11, 2013

Cousin Trip to AZ

This past weekend taught me a few things about myself...

1. I love using hashtags in everyday conversation
2. My family is hilarious and we have a very disturbing sense of humor
3. I have a developed a deep love for Los Favs breakfast burritos
4. Driving home {without a hangover} from a weekend getaway is much faster than driving to your destination

I don't think I can explain, in a way anyone would be able to understand, the amounts of fun/ laughter/ annoyance that went down this weekend if you weren't there ... so pictures will have to suffice. 

First time to Los Favs

Passengers on the Strug Bus

Getting ready for night two

Not the weather I planned for in AZ

Light Rail was an eye opener

Goin fam

etiquette always ... pinky's up!

Not pumped to sit boy girl on the rail

In a sea of Team Mexico fans

The Jenna and Katie show

Cousin faces

the whole group 

so excited!

Same time - I looked possessed 

The brother I never had/wanted

This is our hair after dancing in the drizzle all night

Fake Dodger Fans {this caused a lot of trouble}

If you can't beat them at 3AM join them

Dodgers Spring Training v Mariners

Sushi 101 dinner for Collin's non-birthday

Too many good times and jokes to count - Pictures galore but not blog worthy - I'm so happy/ surprised to be hame safe.

... Until next time Arizona...

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