Sunday, March 31, 2013

Pizza Party

Hey Y'all! 

I'm not sure if I should blame my Italian genes or my deep love for carbs, but I am obsessed with pizza. Literally - each and every meal is pizza acceptable.  So I wanted to share my pizza party preparations. 

Usually my mom is the pizza queen, but I took over as pizza princess this weekend. I cheated this round and purchased dough and sauce {bad Italian} ... partially because my mom wouldn't help me with the sauce :) ...

Mushrooms, Peperoni, Goat Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Basil, Tomato, Pizza Sauce, Olive Oil & Garlic {Margarita pizza is my ultimate favorite}

Fresh & Easy Pizza Dough 

I cut the balls of dough into 4 pieces / let them come to room temp / and then stretched to semi-ish circles / don't forget to put cornmeal on your work station so the dough doesn't stick

Then I brushed the garlic olive oil over the dough and swirled the sauce on top

Then time to decorate with your favorite toppings!!

Meanwhile, preheat your over to 450* with a pizza stone on the lowest rack 

Scatter corn meal onto the pizza stone right before you put your mini pizzas in the oven

Make sure you make those pizza doughs as thin as you can or else they'll get really doughy {unless you like it like that :) }

Finished product shots!

Bake for 11 minutes and then let cool before you cut into pieces

These turned out sooo delicious - doesn't even come close to mama's pizza but a lovely substitution. Prep time is pretty minimal and worth it! You can make these for entertaining, on a date, or even for little ones. Topping the pizzas are such a fun activity... as Chrissy would say... "Everyone gets what they wants to eat!"


  1. You can't go wrong with pizza ... and pizza parties sound great! You can have similar parties with pancakes, crepes, tacos and omelettes. All sublimely delish : o )

  2. No you can't! :) Those are great ideas ... I might have to borrow them!