Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Wonderful World of Disney


I've been looking forward to this family trip to Disneyland for far too long {Actually since Christmas when I found out my mom was taking my Aunt and Uncle - so I invited myself}. After taking the day off - slightly sleeping in - going for a quick run - I was ready to see some Princesses!

Auntie, Uncle Joe, and I choose the earlier shift and took advantage of smaller lines and less of a crowd. We rode the family favorites... Pirates of the Caribbean, Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain {soaked mountain}, and a few others while we waited for the rest of our group. Around lunch time Mom and Chrissy joined us at the Blue Bayou inside Pirates of the Caribbean {yummy but over-priced}. After lunch we walked around the park, re-road some of the rides from the morning, and ventured over to the Fantasyland {My personal favorite} where we ran into Aurora and rode all our favorite kiddie rides {Pinocchio, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, It's a Small World, Matterhorn, and walked through Sleeping Beauty's Castle}! There were other rides we went on but I can't remember anymore... I was starting to get tired ;)

We had so much fun walking through the park, taking pictures, getting snacks, and pointing out uncomfortable outfit selections. I love moments like this with my family and I'm so glad I was able to invite myself along for this one. 

Check out our day <3

 Mom, Me, Uncle Joe, Auntie, Chrissy

 We love Churros with a passion

 Aurora <3 

 Love my Mama!

 Tea Cups

 Chrissy and Mom

Our Happy Family

Have an apple my pretty! 

It's a small world after all~ 

LOVE LOVE LOVE this store 

 Can I squeeze in?

 You can rent out this room for a beauty day! ekk!

 What the eff Cruella?!?

Soaked jeans = unhappiest place on Earth

 Jungle Cruise!

We had the best tour guide!

 Sleeping Beauty's Castle - I should be living here

Birdcage Minnie? or Mardi Gras Minnie?

Until we meet again - Goodbye Walt

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