Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Another Guardian Angel

Today my family and friends celebrated the life of an amazing man. My Great Uncle Allen. 

Nick and Krisin's Wedding
Photo Credit: Robby Cavanaugh for Deborah Tracey Photography 

As a mix of emotions ran through me I continued to find comfort thinking that Uncle Al brought together a wonderful group of people - everyone able to participate as a support system for one another while we mourn the loss of a special soul. Listening to stories and fond memories was a great way to remember a great man. 

Now that I have a moment of silence and calm to reflect on my day I think back to a comical memory I have of Uncle Al... {LOTS of side commentary - be warned ;)}

In high school I granted myself {thank's to lenient teachers} the luxury of beginning my school day, upon occasion, with second or third period {the day goes by so much faster that way}. Uncle Al and his buddies frequently went to Brandon's Diner for breakfast {which I know NOW}... wouldn't you know one day that's where my friends and I decided to have "first period" breakfast. After we sat down and ordered our food I made eye contact with Uncle Al {or so I thought!}. I was busted!! Well... I might as well go over and say hello. As I got closer a look of surprised crossed Uncle Al's face {dang it! He hadn't saw me}. I'm sure I made up an excuse of why I wasn't in school - late start Wednesdays or something ;) . Oh no! Now I was going to be forced to 'fess up to my mom {a teacher herself - I knew she wouldn't buy late start Wednesdays} All these years later I don't recall the specific details but that story makes the rounds of family occasions every once in a while... the time Jenna ditched school, almost got away with it, but went and said good morning to Uncle Al instead. 

I'm so grateful and thankful for all the time I got to spend with Uncle Al. After my Grandpa passed away he happily stepped up to fill the position attending volleyball games, parties, and anything else important to us.  He was a truly caring and genuine man. I know he's watching over all of us with a smile patiently waiting for the next time we are all reunited.

Rest in peace Uncle Al.
I love you!

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