Friday, October 2, 2015

Stagecoach 2015

Stagecoach sure has evolved from those early years. You can't just grab a beer from a random cooler in El Dorado 1 and slip n' slide to the next game of slosh ball. You've changed Stagecoach. Those were the days.

Luckily, we've adapted. This last trip was unique in so many ways. Hubby-to-be had never been, and although he's not much of a country lover, he is a lover of mine - so he sucked it up and came too. Since we didn't make a plan early on, we squished together on an air mattress held up by the Motel 6 hardwood floor. Remind me not to do that again. ;)

BUT- the show must go on. We had a blast reuniting three fourths of the Sister Cousins for a pre-tailgate pool party where games were played, gainers off roof's happened, and metallic temp tats were given.

Here are some highlights from our weekend. Now, I think we've done about all we can do at Stagecoach, it might be time to give Country Thunder a go. Since 2016 is sold out - any other suggestions?

Blasts from the Past
I tried to find one picture from each year attended- this was the best I could do :)







Sincere apologies for the low quality photos; no good excuse really. ;)

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