Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The #SirianiSisters Take on Pitzer

Literally- posting this just before it becomes a thing of the past. ::Sad Face Here::

The Siriani Sisters, back together again, in the workplace! Woo hoo. Once upon a time, Chrissy and I worked together at one of our ALL TIME FAVORITE jobs. We went banana's at We've Gone Banana's. {Note: I still make Tickle Me Teyah's (spl?) often!}

Fast forward a decade or so and here we are, working again, side-by-side. 

I can't even begin to express how much fun it was to come to work everyday and hang out with my sister|bestie. Whenever you need a walk, talk, and/or lunch date someone is always there. So much of a blessing! Thank you Jesus. <3

Now... the little sister is spreading her big girl wings and moving on. Friday is her last day with us at Pitzer. No more dining hall lunch dates, picking fresh goodies from the garden, carpooling for cash, or wearing the same shirt on the same day.

I'm so excited for her and her new journey! Now we can get back to our honorary Sister Nights since we won't be spending everyday together.

Honorary Sister Nights are a coveted tradition where we get super comfy, make a tasty dinner, beverage of choice, and binge watch our shows until it's time for bed - laughing until we can't breathe and just plain ol' being sister-silly. If you have a sister you're close with, you understand. :)

Good luck sissy! I'm going to miss you! <3

Working the Spurs/Clippers Game

Lunch Outside

Grammy and Britty came to visit for lunch

Pre-work Selfies

Coffee Break 
Working Alumni Weekend

Making Magnets from Staff Party Photobooth Photos

Working Parent Orientation

Meetings in the Conference Room

Siriani Sisters... Foreva

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