Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Bride to Be | My Bridal Shower

Weddings are such a wonderful time to reflect on love, relationships, and just enjoy the parties to celebrate you and the one you love, right?

Well... that wasn't exactly the case for me. I had time to reflect on love, life, relationships, what is means to be someone's wife FOREVER, escape routes when you just need some time alone, but peppered into alllll my free time {because I'm a self proclaimed control freak} was event planning and expectation managing {more to come on that soon}.

Thankfully I had some amazing bridesmaids|family|friends who took care of some amazing parties. Thank you all! XOXO

Sister Cousins Unite! We decided to kill two birds with one weekend and threw a marathon shower. Day one was Britty's baby shower! and Day two was my bridal shower! Lots of conquering and diving had to happen since the sister cousins of the north had to carry out their duties then travel down to execute them.

It was such a surreal moment having all my favorite ladies in one place at one party. I loved it! Although we probably should have tacked on another hour or so to insure adequate time to spend with everyone. :( Whomp.

The decorations were perfection, food delicious, sweet treats amazing, and gifts galore. I'm not much of a "shower game" person but, I was pleasantly surprised - I wish I could say the same for the guests who lost the game due to Kyle's inconsistency in answers/responses. ;)

Luckiest Lady in all the land

 Sister Cousins

Kates and Chris- where's Britty?!

 A party is incomplete without a sangria bar

Love my Mitzy Women

Grandma's Girl

 The best friends a girl could ask for 

I got it from my mama.
How cute is she dressed in our wedding colors?!

I've found the one my soul loves

Most amazing macaroons! From my friends at Smashbakes.

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