Monday, December 23, 2013

Pre-Christmas Fun

Merry Christmas everyone!!

I'm so excited for this week. Not only because I don't have to go in to work, although that's something to be excited about, I'm so excited because most of my family is in town and we have so many opportunities to spend time together.

The holiday season is such a great opportunity to practice patience and time management. Sister Chrissy and I love crafting up gifts for our friends and family. It makes us happy and we love to customize for the people we are giving gifts to. It started with handmade cards and has evolved into full blown crafting Christmas.

I received an early Christmas present from Santa Kyle - a new camera!!! YAY! I've been practicing on everyone and everything who will let me - and some that won't {Bella is quite the diva}. It's taking all of my will power to refrain from posting those pictures. :(

This year is going to take some creative thinking to fit in all the important people in my life. We've got all sorts of family events to host and attend this year. I hope everyone is ready for the outfits, pictures, and festive beverages that are in our very near future… I sure am!

Here are some "just for fun's":

Like one of my french girls

Kace and Chris

Product Placement 

The Siriani girls 

Kisses under makeshift mistletoe 

She loves me so much {nails: OPI In My Santa Suit | I'm in love with this color right now}

Merry Christmas Everyone!


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