Friday, December 28, 2012

Nice List

Hello everyone!

I'm finally coming down from my Christmas time high. Decorations are put away, presents have found their places in my apartment, and Christmas songs have been discontinued until next year. {Thank goodness for a few days off!! This happened much faster than last year}

I found my way on to the nice list this time around. Lots of special gifts from special people! More than getting great gifts, I LOOOOVE giving them. If you read earlier in my blog you know Chrissy and I made this Christmas Pinteresty. We handmade gifts and distributed them carefully to our friends and family. {Some of them are still waiting to be unwrapped so act surprised ;)}

We also sent out a Christmas card; by sent out I mean gave with our gifts. We developed a few new traditions and giggled our way through old ones. This was such a wonderful Christmas season for me and I feel so blessed and grateful for it. 

First the Christmas Card:

Then the Gifts:

Wreath from Hobby Lobby, double sided ribbon 
folded into a bow, hot glue, bells

Carving blocks from Hobby Lobby, Red and Green Paint, 
Silver and Gold Sharpie Pens, Carole Lyrics

Carving blocks from Hobby Lobby, Scrapbook Paper in Christmas themes, Black paint
bows made from ribbon, bell, letters cut with my Cricut {I'll have to look at my moms for the theme}

Wreath from Hobby Lobby, double sided ribbon, 
bells, hot glue, sequin ribbon

12x12 Canvas from Target, Red Paint, 
Silver Sharpie Pen, Silver Glitter

12x12 Canvas from Target, rolled up scrapbook paper, 
cardboard, twine, gold glitter, hot glue

12x12 Canvas from Target, bells from Hobby Lobby,
cardboard, twine, gold glitter, hot glue

Christmas Cookies!

Wrap Job on the BF's gift:

looks kinda like Santa's belt to me ;)

Family Time:

Upsidedown trees @ Crossroads Church

Grandma's Tree #2
{YES! those are initials made from candy cane pipe cleaners}

Uh-Oh Grandma's Fridge - awkward stages on display

Christmas Eve Lunch Buffet of goodies

Christmas Eve Lunch beverages 

Grandma's North Pole Village 

Grandma's Stockings Hung by the Fireplace with Care
{By far the favorite place in her home}

My gorgeous cousins & sister
{Please excuse my awful posture!}

My mama's Christmas Tree!

Our stockings hung by the chimney with care
{AND mom's half opened present}

Me and little Bella snuggling 

Me and Chrissy <3 

Christmas Dinner Part 1 - Prime Rib

Christmas Dinner Part 2 - Brittney and Katie

Thanks for reading!

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