Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you had a lovely day full of food, thankful memories, and special moments. If you read my last blog post you caught a glimpse into how my Thanksgiving Day's typically go. This year followed true to form - with the exception of celebrating my birthday!! {Woo Woo - this should be the last of it ;)}

Chrissy, Katie, and I had some fun in Grandma's backyard showing off our outfits. Take a look below.

I'm off to bed early to brave the Black Friday shoppers at a few of my favorite stores. I hope you enjoy our outfits as much as we did.

Thanksgiving part 2 begins in T minus 29 hours. 

In our usual place in front of the fire place

Adding in Grandma

Can't forget Britty

Outfit: Dress {H&M} , Sweater {Macy's here}

Let the photoshooting begin

Chrissy's Photoshoot

Katie's Photoshoot

 And a few other favorites

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