Friday, December 11, 2015

#couplepreneur | Elevated Aerial Photography

Part of being a wife is supporting your husband in all his crazy endeavors- this paraphrased portion of our vows has become a frequented space for The Gough's.

Allow me to introduce you to our new baby... Elevated Aerial Photography. Hubby has been busting his buns to make his dreams turn to reality.

This has been a fruitful and challenging season for our new family. Balancing overloaded lives with a small business and keeping God at the center has been so rewarding and at times crippling. How do you do it all? How do you know where to go and what to do first? Simple- we don't. We trust that we serve a God who is bigger and better than us; especially when it comes to planning and executing goals. Prayer, prayer, and more prayer. That is the only reason and rationale as to how we are making it all work, and we are so, so thankful for that!

We are so blessed to capture and share the beautiful places and things God creates. How can you not be thankful to be involved and included in something like that?

Here are some stunning photos hubs took
University of Arizona - Stadium 1.jpg
Tucson Million - 2.jpg
Torrey Pines - South.jpg
University of San Diego - 4.jpg
Rancho Cucamonga Quake Stadium.jpg
Just SO MANY incredible images to share, right?!
Take a look at our gallery for more. 

Small business owning is no joke. There are some incredibly rewarding days where clients are a dream and love the finished product; those are the days we get up for. Then the others where we're powered by blood, sweat, and tears. 

Let me share a little about what we do...

We specialize in High-Definition (4k) photography and videography aerial packages that include:

Residential & Commercial Real Estate Marketing
Let us help take your listing to new heights with aerial photos and videos of your home - we can even give stabilized video walk-throughs with the listing agent or homeowner. Multiple listings=price break.

Construction & Land Development Projects 
You did the work, let's show it off!  We can accurately measure your property and give you 4k Ultra-HD Google Map quality images of your property or land development project in REAL TIME!

Virtual Tours 
Whether it's a college campus, neighborhood, or scenic landscape, we can create a project that will allow your client to tour the prospective area from the comfort of their own home!

Commemorate your special day by adding beautifully shot video of your venue and guests. This is a great accompaniment! We'll work with your wedding videographer to include our footage into your final wedding video.

Custom Projects 
Because we are only limited by our imagination, tell us about your project idea, and let us bring it to life!

If you or someone you know is interested in discussing your project with us, click here and share your concept! {Let Kyle know I sent you for a special discount}

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