Friday, November 14, 2014

Birthday Girl

This week I celebrated 29 years on this earth. Pre-29-year-old Jenna would have 100 day countdowns and elaborate plans; this year was a little more quite.

I took the day off work and planned to do nothing. Instead, life happened... AND based off what happened next- I know I'm getting old.

I woke up early to stand in line, before the DMV opened, to renew my license (which expired that day); went home to clean a messy apartment; had a great lunch with hubby-to-be; back to more cleaning and an admirable attempt at a nap; quick trip to Disneyland for churros and fireworks; back home in time for bed.

Man oh man - time's have changed, but I love every minute of it. The out-pour of phone calls, text messages, social media well wishes, and in person hugs were so heart-warming. I am incredibly blessed with all the wonderful people in my life.

Twenty nine is sure to be an eventful year- and I can't wait! <3 Thanks God for keeping Your favor shining down on me.

Here's a little look into my special day...

 Lunch at Maggiano's

Dining table of birthday prizes!

Quick trip to the happiest place on earth

That castle, though!

Sometimes Kyle lets me eat cake in bed

Then tries to push it in my face

Came into work Friday with flowers and gifts from my amazing co-workers 

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